Ball rooms

Crystal and Diamond Halls

These two ball rooms are simply in a royal style. Blazed with light of crystal chandeliers which shining rays evoke hand-painted pictures on the walls. Here, at the generously filled table, in a nice atmosphere, everyone is able to spend the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of their lives. The Crystal & Diamond Hall are able to hold up to 350 people. Depending on demand the Crystal and Diamond Hall can serve as individual ball rooms able to hold from100 to 150-160 people each.

Presidential Hall

English style hall combines tradition, comfort and harmony. Subtly sophisticated and full of quiet elegance hall makes You and Your Guests fill outstanding. This ball room can hold from 100 to 180 people.

Mirror Hall

Because of its intimate character this ball room perfectly fits for smaller meetings. It is right to set up a conference, a workshop or a lecture. It can hold approximately 60 people.

There is a possibility to arrange round or rectangular tables on each of the above ball rooms

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