Voucher regulations

  1. The validity period of the Voucher begins from the date of booking the funds on the Hotel’s account.
  2. Vouchers are valid for use for 3 months. The recipient is required to contact the hotel in order to determine the date of use of the purchased Voucher.
  3. The purchased Voucher will be sent to the indicated address only after payment by cash or by transfer to the Hotel account. Bill number:
    PeKaO S.A. o/Białystok 03 1240 1154 1111 0010 0902 2974
  4. Vouchers are sent by registered post with confirmation of posting.
  5. The Contracting Authority will receive confirmation of payment for the Voucher.
  6. The hotel reserves that the Voucher can be used in the Hotel if it has vacancies at the time chosen by the Customer. In the case of occupied seats at the selected time, the Hotel will offer other free dates within the deadline specified on the Voucher.
  7. If the value of the stay of the person receiving the Voucher or the catering service will be higher than the value of the Voucher held, the Customer will be asked to pay the difference on the spot at the Hotel. If, however, the person receiving the Voucher will book a stay or use the catering service in an amount lower than the amount of the Voucher, the difference will have to be used by the Client during his stay as part of the services offered by the Hotel.
  8. The voucher is single-use – it can not be used during several implementations, e.g. several stays within the range chosen by the person ordering the amount.
  9. The person receiving the voucher is obliged to show and leave the voucher at the Hotel reception before completing the stay or booking in the restaurant.
  10. The voucher can not be converted into cash, either in whole or in part.
  11. The unused amount of the Voucher is not refunded, and the non-use of the Voucher by the Giving Person may not constitute grounds for any claims against the Hotel.
  12. The hotel is not responsible for lost or damaged vouchers.
  13. In the case of resignation from the use of the Voucher or Cancellation of its purchase after making the payment, 100% of the amount paid remains in the Hotel. Any cancellation of Vouchers will result in the loss of the full amount for their purchase.
  14. If the Voucher can not be used within the time-limits specified by the regulations, the Denied Person may give the Voucher to be used by another person. This person must keep the date of the Voucher implementation determined on his purchase. This can be done only after prior contact with the hotel reception and after receiving an email confirmation from the reception.
  15. The ordering person is responsible for the correct filling in of the data in the booking form. The hotel is not responsible for incorrect filling out of the data form by the customer.
  16. When purchasing a Voucher via the Hotel website, the Customer agrees to place his personal data in the website database.
  17. By checking the option: I have read the Regulations means that the Client understands and agrees to the conditions contained therein. Lack of acceptance of the Regulations will result in the inability to purchase a Voucher

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